Save The Day With Emergency Towing Roseville

Every month me and a bunch of my friends go shopping at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville. While someone always manages to buy something – its usually a combination of peer pressure and the group convincing someone that she NEEDS that new top – over the years it’s become a tradition of friends and fun. We all meet at someone’s house, carpool there, and eat and shop our way across one of the best malls in the greater Sacramento area.

Never did we think we’d be in need of a towing company. After all, the day is just friends having fun at the mall. Hallelujah for Emergency Towing Roseville! The synopsis: A few weeks ago we piled in to my friend’s complete junker and headed towards the mall. Why she keeps this car is unbeknownst to all of us! We spent the entire day gossiping, searching through bargain racks, and recalling years of this tradition. Yet on the way out of the parking lot, some crazy driver swerved in front of our car. We quickly steered off the road, over the curve and wound up stuck in a pile of mud from the rain. When the shrills of us girls screaming died down, we realized we needed the vehicle towed out of the muddy ditch and back on the road. We were not about to push it! But where to find a towing company that could assist us with this type of service? We started searching online on our phone and came across Emergency Towing Roseville.

Within about 30 minutes or so, a friendly gentleman from Emergency Towing came to our location and hooked up the vehicle and towed it out of the muddy ditch. I was pleasantly surprised by a number of things with Emergency Towing Roseville, most noticeably 1.) The time and detail it took to hook up the vehicle and tow it out of the ditch and 2.) The professionalism of the dispatchers and the technicians.

For starters, I wrongfully assumed that getting a vehicle out of a ditch would be an easy process. I thought someone could just put a cable around the base of the vehicle and hit a button and *magic* the vehicle would be back on the road and in perfect condition. In fact, it took the driver from Emergency Towing about 20 minutes to hook up the vehicle in the proper way using multiple cables. When I ask him why, he gave me a clear answer: often no one is sure exactly what type of damage there is to the vehicle. He further showed me that if you just hook up the vehicle from the front, you risk pulling the under parts of the car out from the body of the vehicle. Who actually knows how stuck in the mud the car is? No one other than a geologist could tell us! So he hooked up the entire vehicle to make sure that it came out in one piece helped us get it back on the road. It was amazing to watch.

Secondly, and not to reinforce the stereotype, we were 4 women standing on the side of the road with a car in a pile of mud. It’s a scene from which a comedian could have brought down the house! When I called Emergency Towing, the dispatcher was polite and friendly and helped calm me down and reassure me that someone was on their way. The technician called soon after to let me know that he was coming, explained what he was going to do and approximately how long it was going to take. From start to finish the professionalism of the employees, their friendliness and hard work effort made using Emergency Towing and positive experience in an otherwise negative situation.

I would strongly recommend Emergency Towing to anyone looking for a reliable Roseville towing and roadside assistance company. They are true professionals in the field and I will definitely keep them in mind next time I need a towing company.

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