What to Do When You Are Out of Gas in The Middle of Nowhere?

This post covers the safe and smart ways to deal with discovering you are just about out of gas in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest gas station. Don’t worry and stay calm! You don’t have to be stranded! The best way to deal with this is outlined below in our handy guide – following some of these tips may just get you out of this sticky situation.

  •  Keeping calm is very important. When the gas light comes on, it means that you may have more miles of fuel left than you realize. Use them wisely – the best thing to do when you realize you are low on gas is to look out for a gas station.
  • Examine your surroundings and try to remember if you have recently passed a gas station or public area. It might be a good idea to head back that way to increase the chances of finding gas or assistance.
  •  Slow down. Did you know that 55 mph is the optimum speed for conserving fuel? Bear this in mind and take your foot of the gas pedal. At this point, the gas should only be used to maintain a steady speed.
  • Avoid the temptation to let your car coast as this can be dangerous. Rather, you should pull your car off to the side of the road immediately. This will reduce the chances of a collision.
  • Finally, if you do completely reach the dreaded ‘E’ on the dashboard, take quick and safe action. Turn your flashers on and raise the hood of your car to let other drivers know you are there. If a driver stops to help, ask for help – don’t enter their car.

Best of all, give Emergency Towing a call and let out emergency out of gas service help! We can deliver gas to your roadside location, within half an hour of your call.


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