How to Prevent Car Break-in


6 Steps to Prevent Car Break-In

To save yourself from being a victim of a car break-in, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Choose a Parking Space. The ideal space involves as much traffic around it as possible. Thieves prefer to work in anonymous environments where few people will be, so the more cars around, the better.
  • Step 2: Make Sure that You Have a Car Alarm Installed. Car alarms are a good way to deter thieves because they attract attention.
  • Step 3: Remove All Valuables. If you leave your purse or electronics in the car, a thief has more motivation to break in. Don’t leave items in your car that you consider valuable.
  • Step 4: Leave Your Center Console, Glove Compartment, and Any other “Cubby Holes” Open. That way, when a thief looks into your vehicle, he will see that there is nothing worth taking, and he will move onto the next vehicle.
  • Step 5: If You Do Become a Theft Victim, Make Sure that the First Thing You Do is File a Police Report. Doing this will help the police be on the lookout for the thief so that he can be brought to justice.
  • Step 6: Call the Parking Lot Owner and Report the Incident. That way, he can take action to prevent it from happening to another vehicle owner.

Most Importantly: Don’t Stress! If your vehicle has been broken into and you need to tow it to the auto shop, call Emergency Towing at (800) 518 – 8687 for 24/7 reliable towing in San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.

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