How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

How to get your car ready for winter

You know what`s coming, winter is! That crisp, chilly air means that some essential preparations have to be made in order to get your car ready for the wintery season. Actually, in order to be on the safe side, anyone who owns a car should get it ready a few weeks before the season starts. It is always best to be prepared sooner rather than later.

Here’s What to Do

Naturally, there are many things you should do before winter when it comes to your vehicle. Here is what 24HR Towing Inc.’s experts think to be the most crucial steps to perform in order to make sure you are well prepared to drive in this fierce weather. Ready?

  • Change your oil and oil filter – the engine oil is what allows every part, hinge, and cylinder to spin and move smoothly and properly. As it is a chemical fluid, it should be changed every now and then, in order to keep it fresh and clean. The same goes for the oil filter.
  • Batteries – have your batteries checked and charged. Without electricity, your vehicle will simply not start. Make sure the battery is in good working order and intact.
  • Check your tires – make sure your tires are intact and are in good shape. Even consider winter tires, as the road conditions may become challenging at times.
  • Inspect the lights – having a broken taillight can be a very dangerous situation when the dark gray winter sun sets early. Make sure all lights are working and visible.
  • Replace dirty air filters – prevent air filters from being clogged from dirt and dust. This will make sure your engine works less hard, the air you breathe will be cleaner, and that the heating system will work properly.
  • Always carry an emergency kit – because you never know when you will be in need.

Last but not least – drive carefully and have a safe winter!

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