Excellent 24 Hour Towing in Greenbrae

If you were to ask any of our towing specialists what is the one thing people wish for when their car is getting towed is this: they all wish to have more time to get to where they need and still manage to get their cars fixed in order to never lose a day of work. Here, at Emergency Towing we offer Greenbrae’s motorists a service that does exactly that.

Our tow truck service has your time and convenience in mind. It operates any time of day or night, with our specialists guaranteed to get to your car’s side in few moments.

Licensed Car Experts by Your Side

Once there, our specialists will perform any tests and diagnostics to have your car up and running. If a tow service is mandatory, they will tow your car swiftly and accurately to have you back in schedule and at your desired destination as quickly as possible.

Although being extremely professional our amazing tow truck service is nevertheless affordable and simple, intended on you being our satisfied customer. Call us at (415) 367-3049 and you will get:

  • Our around the clock call center available to you
  • A 24/7 tow truck coverage including roadside assistance
  • Car clearance in case of accident
  • Car lock picking in case of lockouts and car malfunction
  • Battery replacement in case of a dead battery
  • Battery jumpstart if needed
  • Refueling an out of gas vehicle
  • Towing for long distances
  • Locksmith solutions, such as key replacements, rekeying etc.
  • Towing both cars and motorcycles
  • Wrecker services if needed

Offering a Great Service to Our Local Greenbrae Community

Our focus, here at Emergency Towing, is on our community. We wish to have a close connection with our community and get to know the drivers who frequent the streets of Greenbrae on a regular basis. Knowing the community, we feel we are able to give back, in prices and services.

Whatever the job is, we consider ourselves proud to deliver. Our staff of car experts and locksmith specialists is well informed and up to date with today’s latest technology, and we require them to bring the best possible solution for the case. For any question, feel free to ask our team and they will gladly guide you through.

Call us now at (415) 367-3049.

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