How to Keep Your Vehicle from Being Towed?

If there’s one thing nearly every driver agrees upon, it’s the desire to never EVER get your car towed. Here, at Emergency Towing, we’re aware of this universal attitude toward our industry. Despite the fact that through the years we’ve gained a reputation setting us apart from other towing companies with our honest pricing, and reliable, experienced and expert technicians, we’re always excited to help San Francisco area drivers avoid getting their cars towed! So, if you’re wondering how you can avoid getting your vehicle towed, here are the best tips in the industry.

Take Care of Your Car

It’s something akin to commonsense, but we suggest that drivers who do not want to get their cars towed should take good care of them. A car that gets regular oil changes, mechanical tune-ups under the hood, and is treated with care is far less likely to break down and need to be towed. Many cars these days can go literally 100,000 miles or more before showing signs of age.

Learn How to Fix a Flat

If you don’t want to call for a towing truck, then take the initiative and learn how to handle car troubles yourself. Learn how to fix a flat tire with a jack and wrench and always keep a spare tire in your trunk. Fixing a flat is simple enough if you’re willing to get your hands dirty:

  1. With the car in park and the hand brake on, loosen the lug nuts on the tire. Do not remove the nuts all the way.
  2. Jack the car up so that the tire is off the ground by a few inches. The jack should be beneath the metal frame of the car, near the tire, and it should always be placed upon solid ground.
  3. Remove the flat tire all the way and put on the spare with the air valve sticking out.
  4. Tighten all the lug nuts, going in a star pattern (top to bottom, then side to side).

If you can do it yourself, then you won’t need a towing service to come and do it for you!

Be Smart When You Park

If there are signs posted around your parking spot, warning you that your car could get towed when parked there, then you’re asking to be towed. If you don’t ever park illegally in a parking lot or along the side of a road, then you can’t get towed. Sure, parking might suck where you live or work, but that’s an entirely different problem than getting towed for parking illegally.

As professionals here at Emergency Towing, we’re here to help you anytime, anywhere. And with a little smarts and a little preparation, you won’t need to see us until you want us there.

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