Why Your Car Won’t Start?

The Reasons

No one ever plans on getting stuck behind the wheel of a car that won’t start. You never want to find yourself stranded in an area without help. This is why you should always have the number of an emergency auto towing company stored inside your phone. A qualified  emergency roadside technician will be able to help you with your car problems. Here is a list of the most common reasons as to why your vehicle isn’t starting:

  • Dead Battery – A dead battery is one of the most common reasons why a car won’t start. When a battery dies or loses its charge, it also loses its electrical power. That prevents the battery from supplying the electrical power needed to start the vehicle. This is where you’re going to need an emergency jump start from a reliable towing technician.
  • Bad Fuel Pump – Fuel pumps are responsible for pumping fuel from a vehicle’s gas tank directly into the engine, so the spark plugs ignite the fuel and cause an engine to start and run. If the fuel pump loses its fuel pumping ability, your car won’t start. You may also be low on fuel, which means that your tank is in serious need of an emergency refueling. It could be miles before you spot a service station, and the last thing you want to do is to push your car a few miles!
  • Plugged Fuel Filter – A blocked fuel filter can prevent fuel from flowing into a vehicle’s engine, and that can prevent engine combustion. If a fuel filter is totally blocked or clogged to the point of blocking the fuel flow to a vehicle’s engine, the vehicle will not start. Fuel combined with air is what is ignited inside a vehicle’s engine to get it started.
  • Bad Starter Motor – A starter motor is responsible for physically turning a vehicle’s engine and forcing the pistons up and down. When a starter goes bad, it lacks the strength to turn the vehicle engine, which prevents the entire engine combustion process from starting.

Who Can Help Me?

There are many reasons why your car won’t start, but the most important thing is that we’re always there for you, at Emergency Towing. Whether you need an emergency battery replacement, jump start, out of fuel service or an emergency towing, we’ll be there. We cover the entire San Francisco area, and work with the most qualified technicians. Your safety is our top priority here, and we go out of our way to make sure that you’re never in any harm on the road. We offer the most competitive prices, and provide you with the best quality services. All you have to do is to get in touch with our friendly support team, and let them take good care of you. At Emergency Towing, we’re always here to help you out!

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