When Are Your Tires Worn Out?

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Replacing Your Worn Out Tires On Time

You might not realize how worn out your tire treads are until it’s too late. You should never wait until you hear screeching or popping sounds to have your tires replaced. Work out tires are not only inconvenient, they are outright dangerous. Damaged tires greatly affect the wheel balance, which could lead to serious accidents on the road. In order to prevent this from occurring, you must take better care of your tires. There are several ways to check the signals for worn out tires.

  • Penny Test – This is by far the most common way to inspect for worn out tires. Honest Abe can help detect if there any problems with your tire treads. Place the penny with the head facing the center of the tread. If you notice the top of the penny head, you must replace the tires immediately. If you spot the hair on the top of Honest Abe’s head on the coin, you will have to eventually replace the threads within a few months. If you do not notice the hair on the head, you’re OK for the time being. Be sure to check in a month’s time once again.
  • Measure Your Tires – You should definitely let a trusted auto repair shop do this part for you. They have the tools and experience to measure the treads for damages. They’ll raise your vehicle high above on a dolly and spin each wheel as part of the diagnostic testing. They can measure the diameters to ensure proper maintenance. Take your car for a routine inspection and let the pros examine the tires.
  • Check Your Tires – This sounds as basic as it gets, but many people neglect to check their tires. Healthy tires will have visible grooves and ridges without any wear and tear on them. Check for adjoining bars forming between the treads.

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