What You Should Know About Towing Capacity

How is Towing Capacity Measured

How is Towing Capacity Measured?

Towing capacity is the total weight your vehicle can pull. The variables that help determine the overall towing capacity are the motor, transmission, brakes, axle and edge. Each vehicle is built and designed differently. The towing capacity also depends on the size and weight of the vehicle you are attempting to haul with your vehicle. It’s very important to understand the towing capacity before you head out to the highways. Your brakes might not be as effective if the load capacity is beyond limit, rendering it extremely difficult to make sharp turns.

Each vehicle is fitted with a unique compliance certification label. You will find this label on the driver’s door sill area. The stickers will typically read GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), GCW (Gross Combination Weight), GAW (Gross Axle Weight) and GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Always check your vehicle owner’s manual to get a better in depth understanding of how much weight your vehicle can handle. You should generally leave a little leeway and never exceed the given capacity of your vehicle. Double check the tires of your vehicle to prevent sudden skidding or swerving.

Once you’ve determined the towing capacity of your vehicle, you can then plan out your trip. Make sure you have a sturdy tow dolly to support the weight of the vehicle in which you wish to have towed. The next step is to safely secure the vehicle in place to prevent it from sliding off and causing serious accidents. Pay very close attention to speed signs while pulling out to the highways. You are also required to drive in the right lane, which is specifically designated for towing purposes. Check your local city towing regulations as well.

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