Towing Q&A From The Experts

Questions and Answers about Auto Towing, Tow Trucks, and More

Question: When a car is a four-wheel-drive, do you need a flatbed tow truck?

Answer: Not necessarily. Regular tow trucks are equipped for hauling all wheels just above the ground level.

Question: An automobile is with an automatic transmission; will it be possible to have it towed with the drive wheels touching the road?

Answer: It is possible to tow with a restricted speed for a short distance.

Question: There are different kinds of makes and models of vehicles. How do you manage towing with these kinds of automobiles?

Answer: Every vehicle is provided with the towing procedure in the operation manual. Most of the manufacturers explain these instructions in a periodical published yearly. Our tow-truck driver is well versed and trained with these details.

Question: Will my beloved car be mishandled by the towing personnel?

Answer: Never. Your car is lifted through its wheels and the car is towed on its own suspension. The tow trucks will take all the shocks in road-humps through its suspension.

Question: Do you give any special training to your towing truck drivers?

Answer: Certainly. The drivers are put into an intensive specialized training for about a week at our training school, and then they are grouped with a skilled driver on the job until they are able to execute every part of the job competitively. Lastly they are examined and certified. We provide the drivers with yearly training classes to brush-up and study new methods.

Question: Is it costly for towing vehicles on a weekend or a holiday?

Answer: Not at all. At Emergency Towing, We really like the lighter weekend traffic since we can execute the towing faster.

Question: Can a car be towed, even if it is lowered?

Answer: Of course, nearly all lowered cars can be carefully towed with a standard tow truck.

Question: What is the logic in towing my insured car first to the tow yard after having been in an accident?

Answer: For so many reasons. 1. You need don’t need to pay the tow bill. 2. The insurance surveyor will examine your vehicle earlier than the other cars concerned so as not to incur storage fees.

Question: Can your locksmith release my car with electric locks or side-impact airbags?

Answer: Yes. Basically our drivers are trained locksmiths who carry all vehicle unlocking tools to work with the latest technology locks. On no account do we allow an untrained person to try to unlock your vehicle! Your doors inner mechanisms and cables are very delicate, and should be handled with proper care.

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