Should I Tow My Vehicle?

It’s a fact of today’s economic reality that many of us need to ask ourselves if certain services are totally justifiable or even necessary. The issue of whether or not to tow your vehicle can fall into this category for three key reasons. Let’s look at them one at a time:

Cost: The cost of emergency towing services has a reputation as being prohibitively expensive. This can often dissuade people from calling up a towing company, and as a result they may remain in jeopardy or at an unsafe, poorly lit roadside location waiting for ‘help’ that probably will never come. It’s unfortunate that some company’s take advantage of their customers at times of their greatest need. This is a practice that we abhor here at The Auto Towing. First and foremost, your safety is our priority and with this in mind, we have a very fair, reasonable and transparent pricing policy for auto towing in emergencies. It’s so much more comfortable to pick up the phone and know that you’re requesting a service that is affordable as well as reliable. This is our aim and we hope that you make full use of it!

Necessity: Many people ask “why do I need a tow truck?” Beyond the obvious reasons, such as a broken down vehicle or a flat tire with no replacement in the trunk, towing provides crucial solutions in the after event of traffic accidents, collisions and even to people enforcing parking prohibitions against violators! For vehicles of heavy tonnage, towing represents the safest way to move or remove these larger types of vehicles. If you find yourself in one of these scenarios, you are advised to contact a reputable emergency towing company such as The Auto Towing.

Safety & Expediency: Breakdowns and emergencies occur anywhere and everywhere. You should not hesitate to contact a fast and efficient emergency towing company if you find yourself stranded on a dark road or in a part of town that you don’t know. Safety is the most important thing. The Auto Towing can guarantee an arrival time of 30 minutes to wherever you are in town, meaning you will be back where you need to be and safe very quickly. This is often justification enough to spend the dollars on towing.

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