Licensed Towing Vs. Unlicensed Towing

 East Bay Driver, What Would You Choose?

People get about in different ways and with different means. Most people today, however, use cars, motorcycles, and the like. This means greater convenience, greater speed, greater music listening options while you’re on the go, and all together – more fun. However, it may also mean more trouble. Cars get stuck, they get flat tires, they run out of gas, their keys can get lost or damaged, and they have the occasional annoying malfunction. It may also mean having to get your car towed now and then,

When the time comes to call a towing company the eternal question arises as sure as the sun sets in the north: should I call a pricy and licensed company or should I save a few bucks and call an unlicensed company, you know the kind I’m talking about, it’s that towing company that operates from within one of the drivers’ grandma’s houses. Sorry, from the well equipped, technological, fully featured control center. With tea and biscuits.

When facing this question there are several important issues to be considered:

Professionalism: when calling a licensed towing company, you’re bound to get the assistance you’re looking for from guys who’re fully certified, comprehensively trained and vastly experienced. We’re talking about guys who’ve been around and seen it all. Calling towing companies which are not licensed will probably get you dealing with technicians who’re less experienced and less well versed.

Quick response: when calling a licensed towing company help will be at your side within 30 minutes. As these companies usually hold several fully geared and fully equipped crews at the ready, each call will get a swift response. However, not all companies can maintain such an expansive crew and therefore not all companies can offer such a swift response.

Availability: when calling a licensed towing company someone picks up the phone. Such dispatch centers are continuously manned. An operator is bound to be there to take your call. Some companies simply can’t offer such challenging round-the-clock availability. This means that when the need arises there’s a chance you’ll find yourself placing the call and having to wait quite a while before someone picks it up.

Price range: when calling a licensed towing company you know you’ll have to pay a few extra bucks. When calling other companies you know you can pay a few bucks less. And then a whole lot more…


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