Kevin Glanvill’s Testimonial

I’ve been getting my cars serviced by 24 hrs Tow for at least 3 years and have recommended them to my friends. The best thing about 24 hrs Tow is them stands behind their work. Last week I couldn’t start one of my cars – the battery had died even though it was pretty new. I called 24 again so they will come to check the problem out. They gave my battery a full charge and monitored it to make sure the charge held. While doing that, they put a different battery in my car to make sure there was no problem with the alternator or no unusual drain going on.
After doing all of this 24 hrs Tow called me the next day to inform me that everything looked fine – I just needed to drive that car more or at least start it every few days. In other words, the problem had been my fault. The total charge for all the effort they’ve put in? Zero.
They told me they didn’t have to fix anything so they wouldn’t charge me anything. I’ve found this to be typical of 24 tow. Bottom line, they’re fair and they’re good.

Kevin Glanville
San Francisco CA

[email protected]

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