How To Choose a Tow Vehicle?

Dolly or flatbed? Local or long-distance? Heavy duty or regular? If this seems like Chinese to you and you need to consider a tow vehicle, read on to find some great tips from The Auto Towing about choosing a tow vehicle!

  • Capacity: The first point to consider is the total weight of the vehicle to be towed. An RV and a small compact car do not have the same requirements. Take a look at your vehicle’s documentation to confirm the specifics.
  • Manual or automatic? Generally speaking, smaller vehicles are better suited to a manual transmission towing vehicle. This is because their gearboxes have less internal power loss. Conversely, automatic transmission tow vehicles are good for flexibility and less work on the part of the driver, making them perfect for bigger vehicles.
  • If you are towing a heavy vehicle, make sure you attach a transmission cooler to prevent the transmission from overheating (in an automatic car)
  • 4WD or Passenger car? If you haven’t been able to get a professional towing service on the job, and need to tow a caravan, horse box or RV, you might want to consider using a four wheel drive as a tow vehicle. They have sufficient towing capacity for heavy-duty items and are legal. Passenger cars are restricted for use with heavy-duty carriage for good reason, so take care and make sure you are operating within the law.
  • Heavy towing is hard on a vehicle. If you use your truck or 4WD as a towing vehicle, expect to spend more on servicing and maintenance if you tow regularly.
  • Be aware that most vehicle manufacturers regard towing as severe use and vehicle maintenance schedules usually outline what additional servicing is required.
  • Be warned that tires and brake pads will also wear out faster when towing.
  • The best case scenario if you are unsure of which tow vehicle to use or do not have an appropriate option, is to call in the professionals. The Auto Towing can be with you within 30 minutes of your call, with precisely the correct towing truck and attachments for your scenario.

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