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Emergency Towing provides services such as out of gas solutions, flatbed towing, auto mechanic services and more…
Calling a towing service is not anybodies idea of a good time, but we all know too well that sometimes things can go wrong unexpectedly and we need to call some extra help. Getting a towing service to come out and help you doesn’t have to be an entirely unpleasant experience, provided you know the right car tow company to call

How To prepare to Emergency Towing Situation

It is worthwhile to always plan ahead for when you may need a towing company. It can be a great help to keep the phone number of a towing company in your car.
Getting recommendations from friends and family is a great way to make sure that you only use the services of a quality locksmith service. You can also ask your insurance company for recommendations.

When calling a towing service whether it is for out of gas service or a flat battery, it is very important that you let the auto mechanic know what type of vehicle you drive.
This is because certain vehicles require different tow trucks, for example a 4 wheel drive can only be towed with a flatbed tow truck whereas a 2 wheel drive car can be towed using the standard hook tow method.

You may also think that it is a good idea to tow the car yourself, this is not a wise choice unless you have the proper experience and knowledge. Otherwise you could seriously damage your car or hurt yourself.

You don’t believe us? please take a look at the following video:

Towing experts have the experience, training and equipment needed in order to tow cars and other vehicles safely. It pays to be well prepared for unforeseen mishaps, this way the next time you need an auto tow things will go a lot smoother.

Emergency Towing has service locations in San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland

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