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GEICO Towing

Who do you turn to in the San Jose and San Francisco area when you need towing and roadside assistance? Don’t you think you should use a company that has a good reputation and a great range of services that can genuinely help you when you have a roadside emergency? Of course you should.

24 Hour Towing serves the San Jose and San Francisco areas and helps Geico Insurance Company clients in these areas as well! Our services include such roadside assistance services as jump starting car batteries, refilling empty gas tanks, fixing flat tires, replacing dead batteries, and much more. In fact, if one of our highly trained technicians can’t fix your problem then and there, 24 Hour Towing will make sure your car or motorcycle is towed safely and efficiently to the location of your choice.

The fact is, accidents and roadside emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. When they do, you can rest assured that one of our technicians will arrive to help you within 30 minutes or less of your phone call.

Why Should You Choose to Call 24 Hour Towing?

That’s a great question, and it’s easily answered. For one thing we serve not just our own clients, but we cooperate throughout the San Jose and San Francisco areas with clients of Geico Insurance Company.

More than that however, you never have to worry about who is showing up to help you. Our technicians as well as their vehicles are all very recognizable. The technicians themselves are required to keep their training up-to-date, and many have years of experience. Besides that, your safety is a top concern and we work hard to make sure that when you call, we have a technician on the way to your location to provide you with immediate, roadside assistance or towing.

Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

Throughout San Jose and San Francisco, 24 Hour Towing offers only the best in roadside assistance and towing services. Some of those services include, accident removal, flat tire replacement (as long as you provide the spare), key replacement, car towing, dead battery replacement, jump starting the car, out of gas refueling, private property towing, tow dolly, flatbed towingand really so much more!

When you are in need of an honest, fair quote, or you find yourself broken down on the side of the road, give 24 Hour Towing a call. Our friendly and caring customer service representatives are always ready to take your call so that you can be back in your car, and back on the road.

Call 24 Hour Towing Inc. now at (800) 518-8687

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